Knowing what is possible...

Teaching iPad skills combined with subject objectives can be extremely demanding, yet it is essential to maintain a consistent level of understanding for both students and teachers.

Historically trainers visit schools once or twice a year, demonstrate apps, ideas and workflows and in just a few hours, teachers are expected to develop confidence and remember ideas to last a year. For most this is not effective CPD. 

Furnished Learning delivers a content rich, always available, supply of lesson ideas to support traditional learning, which teachers can dip into and use when needed.

“I found that Oscar's videos were helpful and gave us relevant information. They included simple but useful tips to find and use the features. The videos were at a pace that I could keep up with, which was great!”

Marian Vian Primary School

Empowering teachers one step at a time

  • A long-term solution

    If you want to maximise the impact of your iPad deployment, a long-term training solution is vital to supporting teaching and learning in your school.

  • We've got you covered

    With a Furnished Learning subscription your school will enable teachers to achieve success and develop confidence as they learn new skills at their own pace.

  • Our mission

    In order for students to use iPads productively, developing higher level, creative and independent learning skills, you need confident teachers.

Lead Instructor

Oscar Stringer

Oscar has worked in education for over twenty five years facilitating, designing, advising, and directing training programmes for many organisations including The British Council, BBC, Apple International, BBC Blast, BFI, Film Education, Art Galleries, Arts Organisations, Festivals and Museums. The objective has always remained the same, using technology creatively to engage, empower and enhance the teaching and learning experience for everyone.


  • Why should I purchase your learning courses instead of just finding videos on YouTube?

    YouTube is an excellent resource for learning about all sorts of things, we use it all the time and you should too. The added benefit of our video courses is that we focus 100% on the needs of teachers and schools to achieve academic results. We're not interested in promoting the latest iPad colour, or how many cameras it has in it. Our attention is on providing professional, structured learning solutions that are self-paced and offer genuine, structured CPD with certification at the end of each course.

  • Will new tutorials and videos be added to the library?

    We will add ten new videos and lessons each month. iOS updates, relevant features, new apps and developments.

  • How does your service maintain interest in the technology at our school?

    By creating easily accessible, professional videos and lesson ideas, incorporating workflows, for beginners to advanced iPad users. This enables teachers to develop their skills and confidence over time, at a pace best suited to them. And for students to develop an organised and independent responsibility for their work and learning.